Monday, January 31, 2011

Giving Up Gluten - As seen in Supermarket News

Food Retailers are paying more attention to the needs of Celiacs and those who follow a Gluten Free diet.  In a recent article on January 17, 2011, "Giving Up Gluten" by Julie Gallagher from Supermarket News.  Our In-House Gluten Free Expert, Lisa Garza, was interviewed to give her feedback about the new changes that she is seeing in the retail market. The article also spoke about several retailers who are adding helpful shelf tags, displays and staff trainings from the Gluten Intolerant Group to certify their stores, such as PCC Natural Markets in the Seattle area.  PCC Natural Markets is the first to become certified Gluten Free by GIG after an 18 month training. 
Lunds&Byerly, Whole Foods and Wegmans Food Market will soon be following the trend. 

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