Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scientists to Study Health Benefits of Elderberries

Peruvians have long been aware of the medicinal benefits of the plant community. Long held traditions and Peruvian cuisine attest to the strength of this awareness. The rest of the world is finally catching on to the medicinal properties of these rich berries.

Five US universities have received a total of $37.5 million for a five-year study exploring possible medical benefits of elderberries, wild yams and other herbal and dietary supplements. "One of the recipients is the University of Missouri's Center for Botanical Interaction Studies, where researchers are in the early stages of studying the antioxidant-rich elderberry's effect fighting prostate cancer." (full article)

 Zócalo Gourmet works with AgroIndustrias Hauyallacan, a small company in association with two non-profits, Aprovif and Apacarma, and farmers in the communities of Huayllacán and Cancejos to import Zócalo Elderberry Whole Fruit Spread. We know it's good for us, now we'll have  evidence.

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